BFC-210 Terminal

BFC-210 Terminal

Multipurpose military computer meeting the requirements of the contemporary battlefield.

BFC-210 Terminal

The BFC-21- terminal is a battlefield computer. It is designed to be used in the military service.
BFC-210 Terminal

Its ruggedized structure ensures high resistance to mechanical damages and rough weather conditions.

BFC-210 is intended for installation on the crawler or wheeled vehicles as well as to be used outside as a portable computer. It can be a part of command, weapon control and reconnaissance systems or be used as the independent work station.

The operation of the BFC in the crawler and wheeled vehicles is carried out with use of a quick disconnect installation base. This enables the operation both at standstill and whilst the vehicle is in motion.

BFC-210 Technical details  

Processor, RAM, graphic card Processor Intel Core I7-6600U 2.6 GHz (up to 3.4 GHz)
RAM default 8GB up to 16 GB
SSD interchangeable SATA SSD- SLC 1,8? up to 128 GB / 1,8? MLC up to 512 GB
Video card Intel? HD Graphics 520
Display Diameter 15′
Resolution 1024 x 768
Brightness (cd/m2) 600
Contrast 800
Touch-screen 4-lines resistant
Ports USB max 1 x USB (złącze panelowe IP67 USB-A )
Ethernet 1 x ETH (1000BASE-T lub 1000BASE-SX lub 100BASE-FX )
Optical interface 1000BASE-SX or 1000BASE-FX
Operation system Windows 10, Linux
Power External 12-32 VDC
Internal Lithium-ion battery 2 x (14.4 V / 2.8 Ah)
Power consumption 25 without charging battery

80 W with charging battery

Equipment  NO-06-A103:2005 N.7-O-II-A, N.8-O-II-A, N.11-O-II-A i N.12-O-II-A
with exeptions
Electromagnetic exposure resistance
and electromagnetic emission
Electromagnetic exposure (both conducted and emitted)  resistant In accordance with NO.06A200 in accordance with KCS-01, KCS-06, KCS-08
(MIL-STD-461D in accordance with CS-101, CS-114, CS-116)
safety SDIP-27/1 Level B
Reduced elextromagnetic emission

(operation possible near the radio)

According to NO.06A200 according to KRE-02, KCE-02
(MIL-STD-461D wg. RE-102, CE-101)
Weather resistance Operation temperature -32°C + 55°C
Storage temperaturę -40°C + 70°C
Dimensions and weight Dimensions (width x hight x depth) [mm] 389 x 88 x 320
Weight [kg] 5 (aluminium casing)