FTR-1 Radio link

FTR-1 Radio link

FTR-1 radio link enables constant communication and data transmission between UAV and the operator.

FTR-1 Radio link

This state-of-the-art radio link ensures continuous communication and data transmission between the UAV and the operator's station on the ground, over the distance of 30 km.
FTR-1 Radio link

For this purpose a common channel for high-bandwidth data transmission is used, which transmits data from UAV sensors (e.g. HD video or SAR feeds) and flight control information to the UAV.

Frequency hopping and programmable frequency change techniques make harder for the enemy to jam transmission between the UAV and the operator’s station. The built-in encryption module, on the other hand, ensures safety of the transmitted data. The radio link also features automatic frequency search and recovery function, which allows communication to be restorted after temporary power outage.

A marine version of the FTR-1 radio link has also been developed, which guarantees reliable communication in difficult marine conditions.

The radio link works in the C-band, compatible with NATO standards.

  • Zasięg do 40 km.
  • Pasmo C (NATO).
  • Automatyczne poszukiwanie i odzyskiwanie łączności.
  • High bit rate transmission for video HD, SAR sensors
  • Usage of the common channel for sensors transmission and operation
  • “Frequency hopping” technology
  • Built-in encryption
  • Frequency change techniques
  • Marine version