WARMATE 2 loitering munitions

WARMATE 2 loitering munitions

The much bigger and mightier WARMATE 2 adds more impact power and flight endurance, to the precision and swiftness of WARMATE 1.

WARMATE 2 loitering munitions

The combat Air Vehicle (AV) provides a highly accurate strike capability with an anti-personal, anti-tank or thermobaric warhead.
WARMATE 2 loitering munitions

Warmate 2 is designed to be integrated with the vehicle, therefore all ground segment devices are optimized for integration and operation on ground vehicle, all additional equipment for transportation, launch and communications devices.

The addition of a daylight and thermal camera (uncooled IR), integrated in the fuselage allows for automated targeting and the assessment of a target before finalizing a strike. The AV is catapult launched and ruggedized, vehicle mounted ground station controls the operation of the air vehicle. Each Warmate 2 AV is stored and transported in a dedicated hard case, which allows to charge onboard batteries without removing the system from its storage cases.

Loitering munitions system WARMATE 2 system consists of items presented on the figure below.  Given quantities relate to the single set. Product configuration to be updated before signing the contract.

Ground segment

  • Warmate 2 is designed to be integrated with the vehicle, therefore all ground segment devices are optimized for integration and operation on ground vehicle.
  • The ground segment comprises a ground control station (GCS) that is a ruggedized, touch screen computer that allows the user to control the AV and view visual data, and a data transceiver, which is a digital and bidirectional, ground data terminal (GDT), secured datalink that allows for the transmission of flight controls from the GCS to the AV.
  • Users can easily set and modify flight plans using the user-friendly software installed on the GCS. Real-time data from the AV is displayed on the same screen as a map detailing the location, speed, and altitude of the AV.
  • One ground vehicle contains 2 GCS devices. First one is for the operator to control the AV, second is for commander to supervise ongoing operation.
  • The Air Vehicle takes off from the vehicle mounted, elastomer launcher.
  • GDT is mounted on the top of foldable, pneumatic mast to extend data link capability.
  • The Ground Segment contains also FONET system and personal radios to provide effective communication between all crew members either inside and outside the ground vehicle.
  • Additional equipment such as AV charger, hard cases for warheads and for GDT are also provided as a ground segment components.


The WARMATE 2 loitering munitions system was co-developed and co-designed with TAWAZUN.

Technical details WARMATE 2 loitering munitions

Take-off method
Elastomer launcher
Operation radius
20 km LOS
500 m AGL, 3000 m AMSL
Operation altitude
200 m AGL
Flight endurance
120 min
Maximum Take-off weight
30 kg
Maximum velocity (IAS)
160 km/h
Hit accuracy
2 m CEP
Flight control
Fully automated ((navigation via the waypoint on the digital map)
Target aiming
Automatic video tracker
EO and IR (optional) integrated in the fuselage