WB GROUP and Thales Group signed an agreement

WB GROUP and Thales Group signed an agreement

During the Eurosatory exhibition in France, WB Group signed an agreement with Thales Group to expand the armament package for the remotely controlled turret systems ZMU-03/05. As part of the Polish-Belgian cooperation, the unmanned turrets ZMU-03/05, equipped with machine guns, can be integrated with launchers for guided and unguided rockets.

On June 18, during Europe’s largest defense industry trade show in Paris, an agreement was signed between AREX, WB Electronics (both part of the WB Group), and Thales Belgium, Thales Polska (both part of the Thales Group). The agreement concerns the potential expansion of the armament package for the unmanned light turrets ZMU-03/05.

The ZMU family, developed by AREX, consists of remotely controlled turret systems armed with calibers ranging from 5.56 to 40 mm. This Polish solution features a modular design that simplifies maintenance, while enabling quick repairs and upgrades. These unmanned turrets can be armed with machine guns, grenade launchers, and automatic cannons.

WB Group’s remotely controlled turret systems are distinguished by their low weight, allowing the ZMU’s to be used on even lighter vehicles, including wheeled and tracked robotic platforms. The unmanned turrets from AREX, which is based in Gdynia, are equipped with dual stabilization systems for both weaponry and observation heads.

This agreement between WB Group and Thales Group will enable the integration of launchers for guided and unguided rockets within the aforementioned Polish turret system. The armament upgrade for the remotely controlled ZMU-03/05 will enhance the systems capability and increase the strike range for targets in the land, sea, and air domains.