Transport technologies

Transport technologies

WB GROUP offers innovative technological solutions in the field of transport and smart mobility.

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Solutions offered by WB GROUP’s engineers are successfully used in the transport and electromobility sectors to improve urban lighting systems or innovative electronic toll collection systems. These solutions improve security, save time and avoid financial expenditure.

SmartEye Automated traffic monitoring system

The system automatically captures and transmits evidence of various violations to the central server. Easy installation and system configuration, along with a modern interface makes SmartEye a user-friendly device. The

SVAN – Automatic video analysis system

In addition to registration plates, the system also recognizes the country of origin. The use of two cameras pointed in opposite directions increase the recognition capabilities. SVAN can easily recognize

PolCam Back Office

The software continuously monitors the status of each connected device. A user can see each device location on the map and check device temperature, operating voltage, power failure, angles change,

PIK-MC Communication Integration Platform

PIK-MC can be used to perform other tasks requiring a dispatcher-based communication. The system was designed in accordance with the international 3GPP Mission Critical Services standards. APPLICATIONS: State public safety

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