MindMade is an engineering technology centre gathering a group of renowned experts in the field of dedicated electronic solutions.

About MindMade

MindMade Ltd. is a leading Polish R&D company specializing in creating advanced mobile wireless solutions dedicated for special communications and M2M. Its activities include design and production of electronic devices and systems intended both for the special markets (public administration, military, advanced industries) and for the general customers.

MindMade’s team carries substantial experience in creating and applying devices and cryptographic systems for protecting transmission of voice and data.

The company is developing innovative solutions for protecting data, data transmission and telecontrol, as well as measurements and control in industrial applications.

The technology center within WB GROUP is developing its own products as well as participate in cooperative projects. It also develops products for industrial customers under contract. In spite of having not such a long activity record, MINDMADE has already scored several important achievements in the field of advanced electronics:

  • solution for acquiring telemetric data and for telecontrol in power transmission networks, road traffic monitoring and in other industrial applications
  • communications system integrating diverse telecommunications systems (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA (including Gota), UHF/VHF analog and digital, DNR, TETRA and others) ? first implementation as a component for RADMOR analog radio sets has already been produced and demonstrated at MSPO in Kielce
  • product model of an underwater (submersion depth up to 3 km) contactless transmission of data and electrical power (up to 400W),
  • specialized testing units for production of telecommunications boards.

Since 1997, in the course of many electronics and teleinformatics projects completed, the MINDMADE team has gathered many valuable, unique and varied capacities. The most important of these are:

  • Developing a solution concept for a given problem, formulating functional requirements and a project plan, developing a design for the device or system according to agreed assumptions, preparing design documentation and often also running the actual production series.
  • Designing of complex electronic systems, both analog and digital, starting at preparation of assumptions, through necessary schematics, PCB design, all the way to the actual prototype.
  • Managing the setting up of device production according to own design.
  • Developing of embedded and systems software (including real-time systems) as well as application software. In-depth knowledge of Linux systems.
  • Developing of several dozen of cryptographic devices and systems, in about 40 cases certified according to ITSEC or Common Criteria. Development of these solutions required mastering of many specific techniques, among others: cryptography (symmetric and assymetric techniques, including elliptic curve cryptography), public key infrastructure (PKI), digital signature, electronic random number generators, together with testing techniques.
  • Mastering knowledge of telecommunications technologies for voice and data transmission in heterogenous networks: PSTN, ISDN, GSM, 3G, 4G, IP and satellite.
  • Mastering knowledge of industrial measurement technologies: optical (refraction, geometry measurement and transmission), temperature, sound (audiometer), electrical measurements (current, voltage, capacitance, inductivity, Q Factor), fast acquisition of measurement data (special multichannel oscilloscope).
  • Projects utilizing FPGA circuits, including the largest ones of this type available on the market. Development of digital systems with FPGA. Knowledge of VHDL hardware description language. Development and implementation of VHDL IP cores for acceleration of industrial camera image compression and modular exponentiation of very large numbers (used in asymmetric cryptographic systems).


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