WB Ukraine

WB Ukraine

WB Ukraine is the local representative of the WB GROUP in Ukraine.


WB Ukraine LLC was created to facilitate interaction with the rapidly developing sectors of national security and high-tech solutions in Ukraine. WB Ukraine LLC provides solutions and products for the Ukrainian market, while also leading the development of new products as well as supporting modernization and domestic production in Ukraine.

WB GROUP solutions and products support and enable Ukrainian Forces in dynamic combat conditions in Eastern Ukraine.


Product capabilities:

  • UAVs
    • Reconnaissance
    • Targeting and Fire Control Feedback for Direct and Indirect Fire Applications
    • Monitoring and Surveilling Natural Resources and Critical Infrastructure
  • Loitering Munitions
  • Integrated Combat Management Solutions
  • Integrated Vehicle Communication and Network
  • Border and Homeland Security Control Solutions


Ryzka St, 73g, Kijew, 04060, Ukraine
Phone: +38 050 4745547
e-mail: wbukraine@wbgroup.com