TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System

TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System

TOPAZ is a fully Integrated Combat Management System enhancing situational awareness and providing support in strategy, mission planning.


Situational awareness, precise and quick data transmission along with security and reliability in the most extreme conditions are crucial on the contemporary battlefield.

Integrated Combat Management System TOPAZ was designed in order to increase the speed of the process of turning informational advantage into faster and more effective military decisions and ensure precise actions with maximum use of all available assets. WB GROUP’s engineers and constructors designed a system enhancing situational awareness and crisis response capabilities according to OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop.

Integrated Combat Management System TOPAZ  – Main features

  • an advanced software to be integrated with various strike systems, enabling to perform precise ballistic calculations
  • a fully integrated communications and command network, ensuring effective management and command at every operational level
  • a device integrating artillery strike systems and loitering munitions systems to perform precise air strikes
  • advanced surveillance systems for total situational awareness
  • a system that ensures full control over all military assets

The key advantage of the Integrated Combat Management System TOPAZ  is its modularity and scalability. This allows to build various configurations that connect all WB GROUP’s products and functions.

Thanks it is open and modularity structure TOPAZ ICMS can be used in various Battle Overwatch & Strike Capabilities configurations depends of user needs:

  • ICMS MP (Man Packable)
  • ICMS RAV (Recon/Assault Vehicle)
  • ICMS FOB (Forward Operating Base)
  • ICMS AOM (Area of Operation)

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TOPAZ has various functions:

A function that enables the real-time analysis of informations acquired from reconnaissance and observation systems – this include the unmanned aerial systems, ground surveillance systems, battlefield radars and various types of observation sensors

  • reconnaissance
  • observation
  • situational awareness

Enables the automated command of all subordinate units. In addition, thanks to the integration with the civil communications systems, this function enables soldiers to communicate with crisis response units and uniformed service.

  • communications
  • command
  • battlefield management

Enables to carry out a precise strike using available loitering munitions systems.

  • strike
  • loitering munition systems
  • anti-aircraft protection

Ensure control of all logistic assets, including ammunition reserves and technical condition of vehicles by the commander.

  • supplies
  • service
  • support
  • modernisation

the original version of TOPAZ is a complex system enabling the commander to gain full control on the battlefield with help of all available surveillance sensors.

  • fire control system
  • integration of firing assets