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Our solutions

Effects of various projects dedicated to the advanced weapon control systems, led by AREX.

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Electromechanical equipment for 120mm howitzer “RAK”

Furthermore, when loaded with special ammunition, the mortar is capable of illuminating or fumigating the operational area. It was design by consortium of polish companies HSW and WB Group. The

Modernization Package ARM-28 for ZU-23-2 autocannon

Electromechanical Equipment ARM-28 cooperates with modern optoelectronic sights that allow shooting with both traditional ammunition (HEI-T, APIT) and modern sub-caliber ammunition APDS-T. Electromechanical Equipment can be integrated with surface homing

Electromechanical equipment for WR-40 “Langusta”

The equipment consists of a set of electric azimuth and elevation drives, control unit drives, power supply unit, control panel of launcher’s position (internal and external), azimuth and elevation position

Electromechanical equipment for 12,76 mm “KOBUZ”

Electromechanical equipment controls 12.7 mm HGM or 7.62 mm General-Purpose Machine Gun and 6 smoke grenade GAK-81, and can be optionally equipped with videotracker and stabilization system.. The electromechanical equipment

Electromechanical equipment for unexploided devices container “WIKTORIA”

Design and development of the electromechanical equipment and control panel. Equipment provides a secure control of the position change of actuators. Additionally, the system is equipped with a manual drive.

Electromechanical equipment for W3 “SOKOL” turret

Operational reliability and safety is ensured by a number of safeguards and sensors that control the current state of the turret and its armament. Components meet the military standards. The

Control system for “BAOBAB” minelayer

The minelaying process control system enables to: minelaying control and process monitoring in automatic or manual mode, mines laying on a  pre-defined minefield (number of mines and compaction area minelaying),

Electromechanical equipment for AA system ZUR-23-2KG-I

Electromechanical equipment ensures: power supply to the equipment components (sight, servo drives, gripstock, missile set) electrical guidance system in elevation and azimuth to a target with very high precision and

Electromechanical equipment for maritime AA gun ZU-23-2MR

The functions of the electromechanical equipment are: power supply of  the system?s equipment (sight, servo drives, gripstock, missiles), electrical guidance system in elevation and azimuth with very high precision and

Launcher drive for AA missile GROM

Electromechanical Equipment provides: guiding to a targets in elevation of the container with four GROM  antiaircraft missiles, reception of information on target location generated by the fire control system, control

Electromechanical equipment for ZUR 23-2KG

Electromechanical equipment: power supplies the system’s equipment (sight, servo drives, gripstock and missile set) provides electrical guidance of the system in elevation and azimuth to a target with very high

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