AI Systems

AI Systems

Advanced AI-based systems capable of transforming the critical decision-making process in high-intensity military conflicts.

AI systems

Articifial intelligence (AI) is an innovative branch of science based on knowlegde modeling and developing  algorithms to build automated systems for obtaining, processing and analysing data. WB Group’s engineers design advanced, AI technology-based systems ensuring superior solutions and tactical advantage on a multi-domain battlefield. Our AI-based systems support all combat actions by allowing soldiers to focus on priority threats.

EyeQ Land

The improved algorithm ensures precise tracking, identification and guidance to targets in an automated manner. EyeQ Land is a synergy of advanced technology and engineering precision, aimed at ensuring maximum

EyeQ Air

A unique feature of EyeQ Air is its extensive library of military objects as well as their hierarchical categorization. Classification and recognition of objects occurs at various levels of detail..

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