R&D Projects

R&D Projects

R&D projects in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Explore our R&D projects in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles

Thanks to our outstanding experts and scientists, ultra-modern research equipment and laboratories, WB GROUP is the global leader of research institutions. Currently we are developing demonstration technologies for modern tactical unmanned systems that have an increased deadweight and ultra simplified logististical systems. As a leader in UAV sector, WB GROUP prioritise the best and most ambitious projects that will enable each unit to executive a mission under any conditions.


MANTA UAV in the vertical take-off and landing variant, is equipped with special fan propellers, which allow it to take-off and land vertically. This means allows it to perform missions

MANTA LE tactical UAV

Similarly to MANTA VTOL, MANTA LE is equipped with a hybrid engine that supplies energy to on-board systems and charges the batteries. This enables this aircraft to offer a longer

FLYSAR tactical UAV

An integrated digital data link ensures continuous real time communication between the computers on the ground (Control and Operation Station, Data Analysis Station, external elements of the C4ISR systems) and

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