After the sucess of the company’s export products, such as the FONET System, it has become apparent that there was need to offer directed at comprehensive, complex and sophisticated systems that can effectively compete with the largest global players in the defence industry sector. Creating an offer has paved the way to cooperation with recognised partners in Poland. This is how the partnership with RADMOR S.A., the largest Polish producer of UKF mobile radio equipment, was formed.

In view of the long-term development of systems dedicated for application in artillery, the need has emerged to implement reconnaissance systems into the artillery automated control fire systems. This resulted in incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into WB GROUP offer. In order to enable  to deliver advanced and reliable unmanned reconnaissance systems to the Polish army and to oversees clients, the Group established cooperation with the FLYTRONIC company from Gliwice.

The next step to extend the Group’s competitive advantage on global markets, was the close cooperation with AREX S.A. from Gdynia, which possessed exceptional skills in the field of automation. Thanks to AREX’s technological potential, WB GROUP worked on and implemented joint projects, including the 120 mm RAK mortar turret project.

The natural consequence of closer cooperation between the companies was the acquisition of shares by WB ELECTRONICS of the companies with which it was closely working. The  proces of establishing the holding company ended in 2011 when WB ELECTRONICS took over the majority shares of RADMOR S.A., AREX Sp. z o.o. and MINDMADE Sp. z o.o.

The non accidental selection of Group members has led to a business synergy that is manifest in the reciprocal exchange of competences, experience, common product offer and sales channels. WB ELECTRONICS primarily offers communication, command and control systems, RADMOR radio communication, FLYTRONIC advanced BSP systems and aerospace technologies, MINDMADE is focused largely on special communication systems, and AREX on weapon control systems, POLCAM – monitoring devices and 3City ELECTRONICS  – electronic technology.

A long-term strategy of WB GROUP based on increasing the business synergy between the subsidiary companies in the Group and contributing to the development of Polish technologies and companies, the Group was joined by POLCAM – the leader on the traffic video recording devices market and 3City ELECTRONICS specializing in the design, programming, manufacturing and testing of various electronic devices.

The success of the WB GROUP primarily results form a deep conviction that only the best products should be offered. Original solutions and ideas that lay down the standards not just in Poland but also worldwide.

The WB GROUP currently employees over 1200 people, over half of which are engineers and R&D staff. The group operates in various markets, including in USA, South America, North Africa, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The competences of the WB GROUP have been confirmed by numerous awards and prizes, including the prize of the President of the Republic of Poland for the best product to protect life on battlefield, being the seven-time recipient of the “Defender” distinction, which is considered to be the most important award of the Polish defence industry. The TOPAZ artillery fire control system, the FONET Digital Internal Communications System and the mini BSL FlyEye are among some of the systems that have been recognised and awarded.




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