SDR handheld COMP@N radio

SDR handheld COMP@N radio

Tactical VHF and UHF communication for armed forces and uniformed services.

SDR handheld COMP@N radio

The SDR handheld COMP@N radio offers a wide range of features, such voice transmissions broadcast, MANET radio functions, and the possibility to choose between different waveforms (WF) and a range of supported frequencies.
SDR handheld COMP@N radio

The narrowband system based on COMP@N radios

Current requirements of the modern battlefield, with all limitations of available radio ressources, determine the need to use various types of radios working with many types of waveforms (WF). Fulfilling of these expectations is a challenge that can only be achieved by a radio communication system, for which the main goal is to provide a comprehensive implementation of user’s services while taking into account the limitations of the planning spectrum.
COMP@N family radios provide a comprehensive security in the range of TRANSEC, NETSEC and COMSEC mechanisms based on AES-256 algorithms and additional usage of SCIP technology (STANAG 5068).

Main features

Data services IP data
serial data
sensor data
data for BMS systems —> Situation Awareness / GPS
Voice services analog voice
digital voice (which suports the flat and vertical structure)
Management services remote (e.g. SNMP v3)
local (e.g. HMI, Fillgun)

Capability to integrate with existing infrastructure elements:

  • other radios
  • other terminal devices (e.g. user terminal)
  • vehicle infrastructure
  • wired infrastructure (e.g. LAN)

Effective extension of narrowband system

The flexibility of the system allows for its cooperation with other currently use and future radios and communication systems. In such manner the core of the system is being complemented with additional services and possible operational scenarios. These are i.e. the functionalities offered by:

  • VHF tactical radios e.g. 3501, F@STNET
  • PRR personal radios e.g. 35010, PERAD
  • wideband radios
  • satellite communications (SATCOM)
  • on-board communication and integration system on the vehicle e.g. FONET
  • crypto devices
  • multisystem gateways e.g. PIK
  • communications with the UAV e.g. FlyEye
  • wired network infrastructure


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Technical details SDR handheld COMP@N radio

FM/AM fixed frequency modulations
Transmission modes
F3E, A3E
FM: 25 kHz | AM: 8.33 kHz, 25 kHz
Number of channels
Dimensions (without antenna)
220 x 86 x 44 mm
Weight (with battery)
1000 g
  • squelch
  • FCS (free channels search)
  • a large color display
  • auto backlight intensity regulation
  • menu
  • double PTT button
  • backlit keybord
  • Emergency Clear button
  • build-in GPS receiver




  • frequency range 30÷520 MHz
  • output power up to 5 W
  • 3 definable output power levels
  • suppression of harmonics: > 50 dBc
  • frequency stability: +/_ 1 ppm
  • sensitivity: – 116 dBm (SINAD 20 dB)
  • adjacent channel selectivity >/_ 50 dB
  • audio / PTT
  • RS232
  • ethernet 10/100
  • USB
  • Side Connector (to work with COMP@N accesorries)
  • operational temperature: -32°C ÷ +55°C
  • immersion: 1 m for 2 hours
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • EMC MIL-STD-461F


  • operating modes: FH (Frequency Hopping): 100 hop/s, FF (Fixed Frequency)
  • digital voice transmission


  • channel: 25 kHz
  • security (AES-256 based): TRANSEC, COMSEC
  • pre-defined profiles with set of mission parameters (radio data, encryption keys)



  • EPM (Electronic Protective Measures) class waveform: LPD (Low Probability of Detection), LPI (Low Probability of Interception), AJ (Anti-Jamming)
  • operating modes: FH (Frequency Hopping): 300 hop/s, FF (Fixed Frequency)
  • services: digital voice (e.g. MELPe 2400, CODEC2) SA (Situation Awareness) messages and GPS reports data (e.g. serial data, sensor data)
  • simultaneous transmission of voice, data and SA/GPS messages
  • SA (Situation Awareness) data and GPS data can be attached to each transmission of voice and data
  • synchronization without GNSS (e.g. GPS)
  • Radio Silence mode
  • modulation CPM
  • channel 25 kHz with possible extension
  • security (AES-256 based): TRANSEC, COMSEC
  • data rates up to 26 kb/s
  • definable frequency range and sub-bands
  • pre-defined W2FH profiles with set of mission parameters
    (radio data, encryption keys)


MANET class waveform:

  • mobile self-configuring and self-organazing network
  • extended range of service (retransmission within waveform
    – multihop relay)
  • operation in IP networks, build-in IP router, QoS supporting
  • operating modes:  FH (Frequency Hopping), FF (Fixed Frequency)
  • simultaneous voice and data services
  • voice services digital voice: (eg. MELPe 2400, CODEC2), group calls, priviledged users, priority calls (break-in), double PTT, multi-hop voice
  • data services: IP data, serial data, SA (Situation Awareness)
    messages, GPS reports, short text messages, sensor data
    files, video, pictures,, mail transmission supporting, data retransmission
  • synchronization without GNSS (e.g. GPS)
  • modulation:  CPM
  • channel 50 kHz
  • security (AES-256 based): TRANSEC, COMSEC, NETSEC
  • data rates up to 40 kb/s
  • definable frequency range and sub-bands
  • pre-defined BMS IP WF profiles with set of mission parameters (radio data, encryption keys)
  • sms
  • number of networks: 20