PIK-MC Communication Integration Platform

PIK-MC Communication Integration Platform

Safe, integrated dispatching and crisis management system.

PIK-MC Communication Integration Platform

PIK-MC is a safe, integrated dispatcher communication and crisis management system is a comprehensive system supporting integration of various communication technologies used in rescue and crisis management operations.
PIK-MC Communication Integration Platform

PIK-MC can be used to perform other tasks requiring a dispatcher-based communication. The system was designed in accordance with the international 3GPP Mission Critical Services standards.


  • State public safety services: Police, Border Guard, National Revenue Administration
  • Emergency services: Ambulance service, Fire Departments, Rescue Services
  • Critical infrastructure security services: rafineries, power plants, ports, airports, warehouses
  • Services responsible for security and safety during mass events e.g. concerts, football matches, etc.
  • Personal protection and property security companies
  • Taxi corporations

The PIK-MC system consists of the following hardware solutions and dedicated software:

• PIK-DC-MC Dispatcher’s Console
• An integrator connecting external communication systems with the ICT environment of the PIK-GATE-MC system
• PIK-MCX-MC application servers
• Mobile terminals with installed PIM-MC application
• LTE, 4G/5G NIB-MC – a private, mobile ITC network

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  • Nationwide safe dispatcher communication based on LTE and PLTE cellular networks
  • Work in an autonomous mode by setting up its private network
  • Integration of various radio communication systems (including incompatible ones), e.g.:
    Tetra, DMR, analogue radio, etc.
  • Organization of dispatcher communication
  • Safe, mobile access to databases and logs
  • Live video feeds from drone and mobile crews? cameras
  • Broadband Internet access using LTE, PLTE and satellite networks
  • Easily integrable with other systems
  • Situational awareness building and expanding