Flight control & data transmission

Flight control & data transmission

Flight operation & control systems for UAVs designed by WB GROUP.

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The orderly, failure-free functionning of UAVs requires the implementation of technologically advanced operation and control systems that ensure continued connectivity and data transmission under all conditions. Mobile and ground flight control stations designed by WB GROUP with dedicated, precisely manufactured radios ensure the effective realization of a mission adapted to the client’s needs.

Mobile Flight Control Station NSK

Mobile flight control station is equipped with two independent and complementary operators workplaces. The heating and air-conditionning systems ensure comfortable operation under all climatic conditions. The station is equipped with

NSK-B Flight Control Station

NSK-B Flight control Station has two redundant and independent operator’s stations. The heating and air conditionning systems ensure good comfortable conditions for operators in all weather conditions. Integrated communication systems

Observation System

The system consists of a fully digital video signal path, stabilized platform (head), encrypted radio link with sufficient bandwidth to support high-definition video transmissions and the dedicated ground reception equipment.

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