WB Group America invests in a BATS Electronically Steered Antenna

WB Group America invests in a BATS Electronically Steered Antenna

WB GROUP AMERICA selected BATS wireless to provide steered panel antennas to support ground to air operations.

BATS Wireless (BATS), the world’s leading innovator of wireless stabilization, optimization and tracking systems was selected to provide its innovative Steered Panel Antenna system to support WB Group America’s Integrated UAV System portfolio.

The SPA operates in C-band, with wide scanning in Azimuth and Elevation planes for fixed, on-the-move, ground and ground to air operations. The SPA solution is ideal for applications where the added complexity or weight of a mechanical tracking system becomes a barrier to field operations, or in areas where a quick deploying, alignment solution is needed.

This is a great contract award for BATS. WB Group America’s investment in a BATS Electronically Steered Antenna is a tribute to the system’s superior performance and cutting-edge technology.  We are proving to be a reliable partner in support of critical and sensitive military communication networks where electronic warfare threats are a concern,” said Elias Theodorou, Vice President, BATS. “BATS is committed to providing a wide range of electronically steered antenna solutions in support of US and international militaries for on-the-move, ground and air applications.”

WB Group selected BATS Wireless because of their ability to develop evolutionary antenna solutions, thereby reducing weight and providing greater communication reliability on the battlefield,” said Jim Curtin, president of WB Group America. “These solutions elevate the value and increase the capabilities of our WARMATE loitering munition family and FLYEYE unmanned aerial vehicle.”

Deliveries to begin first quarter of 2020.