WB GROUP’s unmanned technologies recognized

WB GROUP’s unmanned technologies recognized

The WB Group’s unmanned technologies have been recognized by CIO Applications Magazine Europe, a leading enterprise technology magazine and listed among the “Tops 10 Drone Tech Solutions Providers 2019”.

The “Top 10 Drone Tech Solutions Providers 2019” is a list of companies that are the forefront of providing drone tech solutions and transforming business. The Special edition on drones reflects the growing interest in the unmanned technologies, across many civil application domains including real-time monitoring, providing wireless coverage, remote sensing, search and rescue, security and surveillance, and civil infrastructure inspection.

Unmanned aerial systems have completely changed not only the battlefield, but they are also becoming increasingly common in the civilian sector. Thanks to innovative technologies within its range of products, services and system integration, WB GROUP is the leader of UAV technologies, offering world-class unmanned platforms, loitering munnition, command systems and specialist heads. The flaghip products of the GROUP are: a mini Unmanned Air Vehicle FLYEYE and a FT-5  tactical UAV created by outstanding experts who are also conducting large-scale R&D works so that UAVs can serve in the civil sector.

We are pleased that the technological development and the shift towards the civil sector are being noticed and appreciated by professionals” – said the president of WB GROUP, Piotr Wojciechowski – “It’s another example of how technologies offered by WB GROUP are being used not only by the defense sector, but are also successfully adopted into infrastructure, transport, railway and energy sectors, in addition to protecting the environment”.




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