WB GROUP participates in Eurosatory 2024

WB GROUP participates in Eurosatory 2024

In the capital of France, WB GROUP showcased parts of the W2MPIR reconnaissance-strike system, alongside the latest advancements in military communications, including the EyeQ artificial intelligence system.

Eurosatory is a hugely significant event in the defense industry, held biennially in Paris. This year’s exhibition in France span the entire week from June 17 to 21. The WB GROUP pavilion was located in its usual spot, Hall 5A D365.

The Multilayer, Multi-Mission Air Intelligent Swarm (W2MPIR) is a solution developed by Polish engineers at WB GROUP. It integrates battle management systems, unmanned aerial systems, military communications, and artificial intelligence systems produced by WB GROUP into one ecosystem.

This reconnaissance-strike system has already been ordered by the Polish Armed Forces. The Missile and Artillery Forces have trusted this proven supplier, receiving the first GLADIUS system components in late 2023. This system enables terrain observation, object location and identification, AI-supported analysis, and the capability to instantly destroy key targets up to 100 kilometers away.

This year in Paris, WB GROUP displayed elements of the W2MPIR, including FlyEye unmanned aerial system and the Warmate loitering munitions. This reconnaissance-strike system can also include larger tactical remote piloted aerial platforms from the FT-5 family, Warmate 5 or 20 loitering munitions with more powerful warheads, and advanced UCAV systems.

At Eurosatory, WB GROUP also presented military radios: the handheld 3501, the personal R35010, and the latest software-defined COMP@N with a vehicle adapter. RADMOR, a company within WB GROUP, is the largest manufacturer of tactical communication systems in Poland, serving as the communication backbone for the Missile and Artillery Forces amongst other military units.

WB GROUP prides itself on fully proprietary AI solutions developed within the EyeQ ecosystem. These solutions support data analysis from UAVs, vehicles and ground systems sensors, enhancing situational awareness for operators and crews, and hence reducing reaction time during dangerous situations. The EyeQ system is available for both aerial and ground platforms.