Mobile Flight Control NSK

Mobile Flight Control NSK

Mobile flight control station NSK which can be installed on all-terrain vehicle.

Mobile Flight Control Station NSK

Mobile flight control station NSK is a highly independent and ergonomic unit enabling effective mission's execution. The station ensures operation of various types of UAVs manufactured by FLYTRONIC.
Mobile Flight Control Station NSK

Mobile flight control station is equipped with two independent and complementary operators workplaces.

The heating and air-conditionning systems ensure comfortable operation under all climatic conditions. The station is equipped with integrated connectivity systems that ensure communication with other units operating in the field and with higher levels of command.

The connectivity systems and a dedicated meteorological station ensure full situational awareness crucial for effective execution of UAV’s mission.

The communication with UAVs in real-time is provided by a folding 6 metres antenna tower. The integrated radio enables up to 180 km connectivity range.


  • Two redundant operator stations
  • The possibility of division into pilot’s and image analyst’s positions.
  • Integrated connectivity system
  • Automatically folded 6 m antenna tower
  • Radio range of 180 km
  • Own meteorological station
  • Own power supply – built-in generator
  • High level of ergonomics of use
  • Possibility to operate in various weather conditions
  • Operation of all types of UAVs designed by FLYTRONIC
  • Possibility of integration with the client’s UAVs.