NSK-B Flight Control Station

NSK-B Flight Control Station

NSK-B Flight Control station is a stationary, ergonomic unit, based on 20 FT container

NSK-B Flight Control Station

NSK-B flight control station is a stationary, ergonmic unit built on 20FT container. The contruction os the conteiner ensures data security. The station can be adapted to the client's requirements.
NSK-B Flight Control Station

NSK-B Flight control Station has two redundant and independent operator’s stations.

The heating and air conditionning systems ensure good comfortable conditions for operators in all weather conditions.

Integrated communication systems and own meteorological station ensure situational awareness on battlefield and communication with other units in the field and with higher command units.

Communications with UAVs in real-time is ensured by the autonomous communication station.


  • Two redundant operator’s stations
  • Possibility of division into pilot’s and image analyst’s station
  • Integrated communication system
  • External autonomous communication station
  • Range of 180 km.
  • Own meteorological station
  • External power supply – built-in generator
  • Internal emergency power supply
  • Podwyższona ochrona danych.
  • High user ergonomics
  • Possibility to work in various climatic conditions
  • Operation on all types of UAVs designed by WB GROUP