R35010 Personal Radio

R35010 Personal Radio

The R35010 is a small and lightweight device designed for immediate use.

R35010 Personal Radio

The vehicle adapter allows you to mount the radio in the vehicle and coconnect it to the intercom (on-board internal communication network).
R35010 Personal Radio

The R35010 is intended for communication between team members or combat teams in small radio networks. It operates in the frequency band from 2405 MHz to 2480 MHz, and users can communicate using 16 pre-sets (every pre-set defines channel and other settings). The R35010 operates in a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) system with pulse reception and transmission. Impulse works allows to radically minimize the risk of enemy transmission detection.

The types of communication available on the R35010 radio
– simplex digital voice communication with the initialization of transmission by built-in PTT button, wireless PTT (WPTT)
– simplex digital voice communication with automatic retransmission
– full duplex digital voice communication (conference mode) with the initialization of transmission by built-in PTT button, wireless PTT (WPTT) with the possibility of simultaneous data transmission (up to 19,2 kb/s); all radios from the network are able to receive conference call simultaneously but the simultaneous transmission is available for up to 4 radios
– max data transmission mode 125 kb/s

Unique in personal radios, and at the same time very useful function is the possibility of automatic retransmission. Working with retransmission dramatically increases the range of communication. It provides better “coverage” of the area, bypassing the various obstacles in the urbanized area or in buildings. It works well in a heavily corrugated area or when there are other obstacles to communication. Only possible in simplex mode.

Initialization of transmission
built-in PPT button
wireless PTT button (WPTT)
double wireless PTT button (DWPTT)
by voice (VOX)

Power supply
The radio is powered by two AA size batteries, but you can also use ordinary alkaline batteries. They enable the radio to operate for up to 17 hours (transmit: receive: listen: = 1: 7: 16) – depending on the type of operation and the radio.

Voice information
A very convenient and useful feature is to provide voice information of the selected network number. These messages are delivered to the headset loudspeaker if it is connected to the radio or via the internal loudspeaker for manual operation. This function is activated during radio configuration.

Quick programming – Fill Gun
The Fill Gun programmer is used to quickly copy the parameters of every radio pre-sets.

Mobile version
The vehicle adapter allows you to mount the radio in the vehicle and connect it to the intercom (on-board internal communication network). Connecting to a mobile antenna increases the range of communication. Good sound quality can be ensured by connecting adapter to an external handset. After mounting of the radio in the vehicle, it is powered from the on-board network.

Group function and integration
Activating the grouping feature gives you the opportunity to create radio networks of various structures that selectively transmit or receive correspondence. This feature requires the use of a dual wireless DWPTT transmitter. You can create this way e.g. hierarchical networks mapping the command vertical structure in the service, as well as networks integrated with the high-level radio networks.

Emergency erasing

The user can quickly erase all the settings of the radio. After that normal operation in the transmission and reception mode is not possible. The restoration of normal operation is possible only by re-configuring.

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Technical details R35010 Personal Radio

Frequency range
2405 ÷ 2480 MHz (ISM band)
Channels raster
5 MHz
Number of programmable pre-sets
Modulation technique
Voice encoding method
Max data rate
125 kb/s
Encryption algorithm*
GPS receiver*
built-in (with internal or external antenna)
Transmitter RF power
650 mW; 400 mW; 100 mW
Receiver LF power
250 mW @ 8? (internal speaker) 10 mW @ 32? (external speaker)
Power supply voltage
2,1 ÷ 3,6V (2x AA) / 5,0V - through DATA socket
Access type at duplex
Number of users at full duplex (conference)
4 simultaneous transmissions Unlimited listeners
> 5 000 h
Radio range in the open area
up to 1200 m
up to 2 m
Operation time (Tx/Rx/S?By = 1/7/16)
up to 17 h (depending on operation mode)
Power supply
2 x AA NiMH battery or 2 x alkaline battery
Dimensions (without antenna)
115 x 69 x 37 mm
Weight (without battery)
275 g
Dimensions of WPTT
50 x 38 x 17 mm
Weight of WPTT (with battery)
40 g
Power supply of WPTT / DWPTT
3,0 V battery CR2450
Dimensions of DWPTT
64 x 40 x 18 mm
Weight of DWPTT (with battery)
53 g